Free the Sea

A TF2 Halloween Charity Stream
October 30th - 31st

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Help Protect Marine Wildlife Worldwide!

This charity drive helps raise money for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a non-profit organization that engages in direct actions to protect marine wildlife.  Many keystone species, such as sharks, groupers, and snappers, are disappearing at alarming rates due to overfishing and by-catch, creating a destructive ripple effect on the marine ecosystem.

Sea Shepherd has pioneered a unique and effective approach to ocean conservation.  Supported by their dedicated crews, they provide ships, equipment, technical advice, and consultation to multiple partners, including local communities and government agencies around the world.

About the Event

Spanning over two days, we will be streaming TF2 and other Halloween segments on the RGL Twitch channel!
There are numerous donation incentives and opportunities for you to get involved below!


All times displayed in Eastern Daylight Time  (UTC -4)
Schedule and segments are subject to change
Segment suggestions are currently OPEN in the RGL Discord

Friday, Oct. 30th
2PM - 12AM

2:00 - 2:30 PM

Day 1 Introduction

2:30 - 4:00 PM

Mann vs. Machine w/ Froyotech

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Community Pubs & Pumpkin Carving

6:30 - 8:00 PM

Among Us

8:00 - 10:00 PM

Staff vs VIP PUGs

10:00 - 11:30 PM

Pubs / Karaoke

11:30 PM - 12:00 AM

Day 1 Wrap-up

Saturday, Oct. 31st
12PM - 12AM

12 - 12:30 PM

Day 2 Introduction

12:30 - 2:30 PM

TF2 Jumping

2:30 - 5:15 PM

Community Pubs & Milestone Activities

5:15 - 6:30 PM


7:00 - 8:00 PM

Costume Contest

8:00 - 11:00 PM

Invite Halloween Showmatches

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Day 2 Wrap-up

Donation Incentives

Individual Perks


Entry into costume contest

$1 per category: IRL, pets, and TF2 Loadout. See submission details below.


One entry into community giveaway per dollar


Item signed by select invite player or staff member

List of eligible players/staff below.


Discord VIP role

Get a behind-the-scenes look, along with exclusive content, ability to play in VIP pugs, and first chance to join community pub.


Karaoke Song Entry

Must be an appropriate PG-13 song.


Custom team logo or profile picture

RGL Graphics team will create an appropriate profile picture or team logo for the current or next season.


Eat another Jalapeno

Total Milestone Incentives


New Twitch & Discord Emote


DolphiN eats whole pepper - Jalapeno (3,500 - 8,000 scoville)


Invite 6s/HL Halloween map showmatches


DolphiN eats pepper - Cayenne (30,000 - 50,000 scoville)


Cooking Stream


DolphiN eats pepper - Thai (50,000 - 100,000 scoville)


Randomizer Pubs


Class Warfare Pubs


DolphiN eats 3 Jalapeno, 3 Cayenne, 3 Thai


Invite Player/Admin Karaoke


DolphiN gets a tattoo

Publicly voted sea creature - see details below.

Donation incentive suggestions are currently OPEN in the RGL Discord
Perks at or below donation amount displayed at time of donation are guaranteed, along with any added at a later time.
Certain, but not all, perks may not be applicable to users with long-term RGL bans - such as Discord VIP role or team logo.
Perks subject to change during event.
Amounts displayed in USD.

Details and Commonly Asked Questions

The costume contest is an event for all donors to show off their spooky, funny, or impressive Halloween costumes!
On Saturday, we will review the best entries and vote for the winners!
There are three categories that you can enter:

  • IRL - Your real life costume! You may blur or cover your face for extra privacy.
  • Pets - Your adorable pet costumes!
  • In Game - Your spooky or funny TF2 class loadouts! You may use if you do not own enough items.

How to submit: You may include a link to the image with your donation on JustGiving, in an e-mail to rgldolphin ((AT)) gmail ([DOT]) com, or Discord message DolphiN#2754. You may include your Discord, Steam, or a name to get credit.

Unfortunately, we do not have a page to donate items to sell for the charity. However, you may donate items to the community giveaways.

If we reach $5000, we will hold a public vote for what sea creature DolphiN's tattoo will be.
To submit a sea creature idea, include the name of ANY non-fictional sea creature with your donation.
Note that we have the final say for which ideas are appropriate.

We are still confirming who is willing to sign items, the current confirmed list is:

  • Most RGL staff members
  • Froyotech - arekk, habib, jay
  • Wonderwall - kactuswactus, LOLGUY
  • Morning Light - SOAPY, alfa, sandblast
  • Corsia - Alex.exe
  • GlobalClan - Shamoo, Skye, hayes, vaati, nazara, ed
  • Witness Gaming - virgil, smilez
  • Impostors - Bonesaw, wise, Inquisition, brandon, Rue, starfruit66, ZoomxZe, Michaelpc1, Dave
  • Cuties - sandblast, rain, Melon, Adam, wax, reigh, wile, Micahlele, Fallen Gourd
  • Burger Squad - BMPD, Teli, Charizard, Chocc, TJ, Poseidon, zero

If your desired signer is not listed, please let us know who you would like! We will try our hardest to get it!

Thankfully this event's main goal isn't to raise money - it's to raise awareness and spur action!
Here are some ways to help this cause without donating money:

  • Share this fundraiser with friends and family
  • Support companies and organizations that have environmentally-sustainable practices and labeled cruelty-free products
  • Bring your reusable grocery and produce bags for shopping
  • Use public transportation, walking, biking, or ride sharing for transportation
  • Pick up litter
  • Turn off electric devices when they are not being used
  • Purchase Energy Star rated appliances
  • Purchase used items instead of new
  • Gradually switch to a plant-based diet
  • Cut any plastic items that animals may become trapped in, such as soda pack rings and mask bands
  • Use reusable face masks or sun bleach and reuse disposable masks
  • Start conversations with friends and family about adopting a sustainable lifestyle
  • Support your local ecosystem by planting native flora
  • Volunteer for local environmental and animal welfare organizations
  • Write to your local representative
  • If you are American, vote in the upcoming election for candidates that make environmental issues a key priority!
  • And more!

If you have the VIP role, you have the following perks through the VIP Discord channel:

  • Behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and discussion
  • Ability to play in VIP PUGs
  • The first to access community pubs
  • Chance to play in misc. games
  • And more!

When you donate, we do not touch a single penny! We only have access to see individual donation details.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is actually one of the most efficient charities in the world!
For every dollar you donate:

  • 5 cents, or 5%,  go to JustGiving platform fees. JustGiving gives you the option to cover this on top of your donation.
  • 87 cents, or 91.5% of the money going to Sea Shepherd goes to program expenses - the main conservation and research efforts
  • 7 cents, or 7.2% of the money going to Sea Shepherd goes to administrative expenses - the few salaried crew
  • 1 cent, or 1.4% of the money going to Sea Shepherd goes towards fundraising

Based on FY2018 Expenses. Percentages are rounded.